WildHair Saints & Shelties

Micki began her journey in the dog world while she was in High School with the purchase of her first Show Sheltie.  This has continued for years, through marriage, raising children, moving around the country, divorce and remarriage.  While never a large kennel, some success has been achieved.  Her Shelties under the kennel name Our Shelties received group placings, including a Group 1 when Shelties were still part of the old Working Group, placing at the National Specialty and Obedience titles.  While always focusing on Shelties, Micki also had a Smooth Collie and Samoyeds that she put Championships on.   Now Saint Bernards have taken over the family, and the fun continues.


Tom grew up around livestock, showing cattle, horses and pigs in 4-H, FFA and Open Livestock Shows.  In the mid-1980's he got a couple Saint Bernards, and raised a couple litters.  Circumstances and moves meant giving up the dogs, but he always wanted to get one again.  Finally the dream has been achieved.


Tom and Micki were married in 1999.  While not quite understanding Micki's interest in showing dogs, Tom would attend with her.  With their purchase of a small acreage, his dream of getting a Saint resurfaced.  A two year search began to meet breeders and see dogs.  Another year passed and finally in 2005 they got their first puppy.  Tom has learned to show dogs, and is getting quite good.  Weight pulls, draft work, and therapy dog visits also keep them busy.

This addiction will continue for many years, thanks to the many wonderful people they have met and the ones still to meet.




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